Stories of answered prayers from Pastor Stephen:

“One day I was having a healing meeting and one man came and I laid my hands and I said, 'I see bubbles in your stomach.' He began to weep and cry and I said, 'God is merciful, He is touching you and healing you right now.' He waited until everyone had gone and he said,

"You know pastor, what you have seen is true, because I have stomach cancer. The x-rays show exactly those bubbles. It is a very dangerous cancer and I may not survive.”

So I told him, 'God has touched you and healed you. You just go through the process and you will understand.' A few days later, he had an x-ray. There were no bubbles, there was nothing; he was totally healed of cancer. He is willing to go anywhere to tell that testimony. He is a medical doctor and he spoke and gave his testimony recently, and the specialists are wondering how this could have happened. That is a miracle of what God can do.”

Downs Syndrome
“This is a wonderful story. A young couple came to my office but they were hesitant of coming inside and they were both crying. I said, 'Why are you standing outside?’

They said, 'We are Hindus, maybe we are not allowed to come inside.'

I said to them, 'The good Lord wants the entire human race to come in.'

Then they came in and said, 'We have a sister in India and she gave birth to a baby girl and the baby was born with Downs Syndrome. It is a very serious case where the child's nose is twisted and her tongue is always outside her mouth and she has hair like an animal, all over her body. We have never seen such a freak child. We know that no doctors would help - we have come here asking for prayer.'

I prayed with them and said, 'I want you to go and ring your sister back home in India and find out how the child is.'

They went and rang her and then rang me back and said, 'There is a remarkable change in the child's body. The nose has straightened and the tongue is drawn in and the hair on the body has started to fall out.'

They were so excited about this. On the third day, they came back again and said, 'The child is improving so much, we want one more prayer.'

So I prayed with them and I said, 'You go back home and ring and find out how the child is.'

They rang back to tell me that the child was completely healed. There was no Downs Syndrome whatsoever. So they went back to India and took photographs of the three stages of the child before prayer, the first prayer and after the second prayer. They sent the photos to me.”

From Dubai and India:

Witchcraft Defeated
Pastor Stephen visited a family in Dubai who told him about their relative in India who had become bed ridden after a horrific motorbike accident which occurred almost a year ago. He prayed for this man in India over the phone.

The family in Dubai then informed Pastor Stephen the next day, that their relative actually got out of bed and walked for the very first time in one year. God had miraculously touched him. When Pastor Stephen went to India afterwards, he met this man in person and witnessed him walking towards him.

Pastor Stephen later discovered that this man’s family were actually oppressed by witchcraft and as a result, they had many health and financial problems. They wanted to renovate their house but each time a hurdle would come in the way such as the government not authorising, or the builders withdrawing from the job etc. Pastor Stephen prayed for them and prophesied that in 7 days time they will see a miracle from God. Exactly as Pastor Stephen had said, 7 days later the Government had authorised the renovation and the work commenced. Even health problems went away.

Delivered by Him
A businesswoman in Dubai would see some kind of green light appearing before her from time to time and she would notice that each time this would happen, her business would go down or she or someone in her family would get ill. When Pastor Stephen prayed for her, he discovered that she had a kind of Cobra spirit upon her for three generations and so he cast it out. The woman later came back and testified that she is doing very well and that her business had picked up.

The one who heals
An elderly woman in India had knee pain for 50 years. After a prayer with Pastor Stephen, she was instantly healed and freed from her pain. A girl in India was suffering from bruises and blood marks all over her body. The doctors could not cure her. After a prayer with Pastor Stephen, the girl’s bruises and blood marks disappeared.

It is written… “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32